Wedding photographer in Birmingham, covering the world!


Who is Lee?

- Who am I? Hopefully the man who’s going to photograph your wedding!

I want to capture everything! 

I love weddings and the extended families I join as I capture the day.

I love the challenge and diversity of corporate work.. from capturing the energy of live music, to making offices and businesses look awesome.

I love walking down the street and spotting something that makes me reach for my phone, snap it and share it with my friends.

I love meeting people, learning new things and this vocation means I get to experience a lot of emotional highs - as well as see behind closed doors! 

Who isn't secretly nosey?

If youre looking to get a sense of whether Im someone who will fit seamlessly into your wedding party then all I can tell you is:

  • Favourite pizza topping: pepperoni (you dont mess with a classic)
  • Do I cry at films? Yes. ('Up' destroyed me and 'La La Land' was pretty close)
  • Sometimes I just need to play computer games in my pants (yep, Battlefield most likely)
  • Sometimes I need to see some loud screamy metal bands live (yes, and I photograph them too!) 

Let’s meet or Skype to have a chat - and youll instantly know whether Im the photographer for you! 

Photo by Andy Li Photography

Photo by Andy Li Photography