Sam & Matt // Wedding // Inn at Whitewell

Sam and Matt's wedding was lovely but there was something extra special about their day up in Lancashire back in February.  Sam is my cousin, so after the service not only did they become husband and wife - but I also gained an extra cousin! 

They chose the lovely Inn at Whitewell and had a short walk to the fantastic St. Michaels Church. Sam also had both her dad and her step dad accompany her into church and down the aisle. But that's not all - as each of them had a secret surprise up their sleeves. For Sam, Matt had arranged for a new addition to their family to be brought out during his speech... Dennis the labrador. Which led to lots of tears and the amazing sequence of every emotion in the world on Sam's face in about five seconds.

For Matt, Sam had arranged for an amazing saxophonist to play along to a funky house set. This led to dance floor devastation of the highest form.

Thanks for having me at the wedding - and more importantly welcome to the family Matt!