Paris //Holiday//2014

Last year Irish singer songwriter Damien Rice announced a new album, his first in eight long years. He also announced a few live dates dotted around the world in small intimate venues as a world tour warm up, if you will. Adrienne was desperate to go to one of these dates, so armed with pre-sale codes we huddled around three computers in the vain hope of getting at least one ticket for one of the London dates... We failed. However, bizarrely, we managed to grab one ticket for the Paris date at the Folies Bergere.. so that was it.  We were going on holiday to the French capital.

I had never been to Paris - and to be honest, I'm still not sure what I think of the place. Some things I love, and other things I really don't - but I guess it just means I need to go back and explore a bit more. ;) The Pompidou Centre was incredible and a quick visit ended up being a full amazing day. The weather was awful and rained a lot, but that didn't stop us zig zagging the streets and stumbling on the most beautiful architecture.  

The night of the Damien Rice gig, two lovely kind French ladies offered me a free ticket - so me and Adrienne both got to see the gig.. all be it from two different vantage points. I'm not the biggest Rice fan in the world, but that gig in Paris will stay with me as one of the best emotionally charged performances I have seen.. (I have seen A LOT of gigs)  If you get the chance: see him!

Anyway enough waffle, here are a few of my favourite pictures from the trip....