One Hundred From Twenty Eighteen

Well there goes 2018 in a blaze of weddings, smiling faces and lots of canapés. Another year where I failed to blog despite my best intentions (2019 is going to be my year for this I can feel it ) It was another year where I fell in love with with photography, pushed myself to document weddings days in a way that was unique and true to what my couples experienced on the day. 2018 was a year where I found my voice, taught others to see the world a little differently and to create something new. I stepped out of my comfort zone both professional and personally. I asked a girl to marry me and crazily she said yes and despite the normal ups and down, it was a year where happiness ruled.

This is 100 photos.

100 hundred photos that tell a story

100 photos that I am unbelievably proud of

100 photos that make me so excited for for 2019

While 2018 was an awesome year. …2019 we are going to have so much fun.