I know , I know,  I never blog! Well hopefully over the next few weeks you will be saying "I wish that Lee Allen blogged less - I'm bored of seeing soooo many amazing pictures."

First up: Meg and Tims pre wedding shoot at Blists Hill . Blists Hill is a museum - but rather than stuffy glass cabinets, it's a living breathing working town! It's very very cool and if you have never been then you are missing out! The original idea was for us to go to a funfair but when contacting various amusement parks we were told a resounding NO. Fortunately for us, Meg and I have a mutual friend who pulled some strings to get us access to Blists Hill's amazing Victorian fun fair.

Right. Enough waffle. Enjoy the pictures and keep your eyes peeled for more....

Thanks for looking.....come back soon!