A few months ago I posted part one of my New York City blog and then Christmas and weddings got in the way of me posting more. Now like a phoenix from the flames part two has arrived. 

All these pictures are available as limited edition prints. Please feel free to contact me for prices.

There is nowhere "cooler" than Williamsburg.


We stayed in Long Island City and came across the old docks which have now been turned into amazing park.



You know that mobsters use this place to dispose of their enemies.



Even bridges are cooler in NYC.



Yeah that woman.



Central Park in late Autumn is an explosion of colours.



Top of the Rockefeller, add a touch of mist and ta da Bladerunner.



The Museum of Modern Art is an amazing building, full of incredible art and the rudest tourists in the world 







Times Square is always awe inspiring.



Washington Square Park




Coney Island at Halloween is amazing. Its rundown, sexy and very intoxicating.



I wish that the Cyclone had been open.



I love Nathans....



...and so does this little fella.





Sunsets on the boardwalk are sweeeeeet



Luna park opens for a few nights over Halloween and all the staff dress up and try their best to scare you. When there is only two of you in an empty amusement park with 20 people like this its not hard.






Nathans by night.



Greenwich Village has its own 24hr chess shop




The Flatiron building



Flatiron building = dorky photographer = BOOOOOM