You may remember Matt and Katie from their amazing pre wed shoot where we managed romance, bad weather, stately homes and graffiti all in one day. Well their wedding was nothing short of stupendous with everything from ducks to steel guitars via romantic towers....yes it was that good!!!

Starting at Moat House Hotel then on to Shugborough and its amazing Tower of the Winds for a romantic ceremony and then finally back to the Moat House Hotel for a massive party no one will forget. Sit back and enjoy the ride.....


Yes that is the amazing James Summerfield and yes he did play them down the aisle.

Land trains FTW!!

Stuffy pictures of the bride??? not on this blog!

I swear there were pro- Jenga players there!!

Fire lantterns??? HECK YES!

This is my fave wedding picture of the year!

Thanks for having me at your amazing wedding you guys rock!